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Government by women or by a majority of women.

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Whether former prime minister Yingluck Shinwatra is found guilty and impeached over alleged dereliction of duty and corruption related to the rice-pledging scheme or not, the outcome will mark a crucial political juncture with possible unnerving ramifications.

Some say the National Legislative Assembly proceedings tomorrow must go ahead fairly and squarely no matter what the consequences might be, however.

A guilty verdict by the junta-appointed NLA will certainly galvanised pro-Thaksin/Yingluck Shinawatra red shirts and Pheu Thai Party supporters, who would almost automatically see it as an unfair political vendetta.

A non-guilty verdict would leave the anti-Thaksin/Yingluck People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) feeling cheated and make them think that their months of street protests were all for nothing.

The reality is that there is very little room for persuasion, as all seem to have made up their minds as to whether Yingluck is guilty.

"The Yingluck impeachment case is a political tool to ban her from politics for five years," said Sirote Klampaiboon, a red shirt-leaning political scientist.

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