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Government by women or by a majority of women.

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Ronda Rousey is 'The world's most dangerous women' but she fears wardrobe malfunction during a high-intensity fight in the Octagon. The UFC women's bantamweight champion is always worried about showing off something embarrassing on the camera.

Recently, 'Rowdy' or Ronda Rousey talked to Rolling Stone and revealed the she is quite careful about not being a victim of a wardrobe malfunction in the UFC octagon.

"I have a weigh-in bra that's smaller and lighter and I'm a girl, so it's cuter, too, and I wanna look cute," Rousey said.

She added that on fight night nobody wants to look cute. The fighter recalled that iconic UFC women's bantamweight championship bout at UFC 157. Rousey said that her bra needs to be effective for the fight, however for that night, she had "two cute bras" and she had no options. "At one point, I was perilously close to showing everyone my nipples, so the second I got her off my back, my mind shifted to 'Cover yourself up, girl!'"

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